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affordable? plus, we warned you, your privacy is not safe on the obama care website. so security experts, what do you think? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> will they agree with us? find out why. >>> plus, even hot dogs are feeling heat from obama care. "cashing in" on your saturday morning starts right now. hi, everyone. welcome to "cashin in." i'm eric bolling. remember when the president said this? >> five days from now on october 1st, they will finally be able to buy quality affordable health insurance. >> well, apparently it's not affordable or secure. prom college kids losing their corage this week to deductibles soaring, and from insurers raising their rates to my favorite, the woman who the president touted as a poster child for obama care last month, well, now she's finding out she can't afford coverage after all. michelle, the affordable care act, unaffordable? >> it's not affordable. and we've been warning about this since 2010. the reason why it's not affordable is because you need lots of young people to sign up. and they're not signing up. and you can't really blame them. pr
on huckabee, another obama care delay with enrollment pushed back until the midterm elections. >> it is a political ploy by the administration to hide the additional sticker shock. and people will see through this. >> but do republicans have a better plan? congresswoman michelle bachmann joins mike huckabee tonight. plus, will your insurance get cancelled? and will your premiums go up? you forced to get maternity coverage? ♪ >> live from new york. governor mike huckabee. (applause) what a great lively audience we have in new york. welcome to huckabee in the fox news studios in new york city. this past woke has seen washington d.c. at its most disgraceful and disgusting and dysfunctional worst. the president is attempting to sell the wrecked used car called obama care and he thinks that americans will be more inclined to buy it if he throws in an a m radio and has no tires. and the senate democrats invoked a power grab that they railed against when the republicans were in control of the senate. they have no shame or memory and concern that they might have violated 200 years o
. >>> give us a break, the same weeke hear about obama care breaks like special perks for lawmakers and potential big tax breaks for unions and a possible bailout for insurers, we're finding this out. a department of jtice brief showing the administration knew in 2010 that a huge percentage of employee-provided health plans would be canceled once the employer mandate kicks in. if you do the math, that adds up to about 80 million americans who could lose their policies once the employer mandate kicks in. so while the insiders g the breaks, do the rest of us just get broken? welcome to "forbes on fox." i'm david asman. sabrina schifer, elizabeth mcdonald, rick hunger and john canny. more special favors for friends, but are the rest of us getting shafted? >> yeah, you know, and we should have seen this coming. i mean, in the same 2010, president obama said in the run-up to congressional elections that electns are about rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies. so obama's friends get ese breaks. now here's the dilemma they are in. young people overwhelmingly supported president
what president obama knew and when he knew it. president obamaknew about the mk kenzie and company report that raised serious questions about whether healthcare dot govr would work and he knew it in march. i'm lou dobbs. >>> good eveni, everybody. the president knew at least six months before the launch of the obama care website and the site that was to be such a controversy that it was afflicted wi serious problems and hadn't been adequately, properly tested but that didn't stop the president from claiming less than a week agohat he knew nothing about those problems. >> i was not informed directly that the website would not be working. as the way it was supposed to. had i been informed i wodn't have gone out and saying this was great. >> j carney said that the president was briefed on the report findings back in march this year. carney's admission con track dikts the president's. only latest example of the administration propensity to mislead and deceive the public. in fact the president met with insurance industry executives and s secretary kathleen sebelius on april 12th of thi
of the last year. those talks reportedly led by two members of the obama administration. apparently the discussions were kept hidden from america's closest allies including israel. julie pace, one of the reporters who worked on that story for the associated press spoke to anchor chris wallace on "knox news sunday" earlier this sunday about the importance of those meetings. >> those are the meetings that really laid the groundwork for this agreement that we saw last night. it was in these meetings that some of the details were actually discussed between the u.s. and iran and that's the deal that actually was then brought to the p-5 talks and a lot of the allies were surprised that this deal came together a little more quickly than they expected and that's in large part because the meetings happened. >> the ap says it was tipped off about those discussions shortly after the first meeting back in march. >> historic mistake. that's what israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is calling this nuclear deal with iran. while also saying that his country is not at all bound by the agreeme
enrichment all together. this one at least puts caps on every aspect of the program. president obama was pleased with the agreement. >> for the first time in nearly a decade, we have halted the iranian nuclear program. he is committed to halts certain levels of enrichment and neutralizing part of it's stockpile. it cannot use his centrifuges for enrichings urainium. there will now be inspections every single day. they can no longer enlich to 20%. and they cannot stockpile. the explicit of iron's right was a big sticking point. the two sides see what the agreement says about that quite differently. >> the right no nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, including inrichment is an inalienable right. what is required for other countries to recognize and respect the implementation of this right. >> this first step does not say that iran has a right to enrichment. no matter what interpretive comments are made it's not in this community, there is no right to enrich, and this document does not do that. >> what it does if they stick to it is double what is called the break out time. if ira
shopping season just days away, now america's biggest retail warning, will obama care be the grinch that it steals holiday sales? here they are, the bulls and bears this week, gary b. smith jonas ferris, john layfield along with garr count boum and sasha burns. gary k., the health care law the new grinch for holiday sales? >> big yes. if walmart says so you better listen. but the bottom line is, there's a certain rule. it's uncertainty. there's s much out there about fines, fees and how much it's going to cost and when you're going to have to pay. whenever that's in the air, people are going to take a step back and there will be head winds. whatever numbers come out, it would be more if this wasn't going on. >> sasha, you can blame a lot on obama care, but can you blame this? >>ou can blame everhing on obama care. it's the scapegoatof the week. but as a standalone it isn't going to hurt. but as a continuation of the debt crisis and government shutdown and this lack of consumer confidence and pessimism and the ability of the government to function and help with the sustained economic
for obama care. >> the wheels are falling off. >> and now a warning signs that were ignored and yes, it was before the website was launched. also on on you take me up. >> a passenger goes beserk and threatens to detonate a bomb as authorities scramble. >> and a good samaritan. how one man can make a difference. i am harris faulkner. will united states and allies do a deal with iran tonight? secretary of state john kery and five other world powers are in geneva trying to prevent iran to from building a nuclear people and we are monitoring the talks that ended a short time ago. there could be meetings going on behind closed doors. it is day four of what was supposed to be two days of talks. there are reports of progress being made but the deputy foreign minister said there will be no deal if they refuse to the right of urainium. as we have reported, our allies in the middle east are skeptical to say the least. israel prime minister netanyahu call any agreement for iran a bad deal for the world. molly has been following the developments all day long from washington. >> reporter: a lot
to be able to pursue a comprehensive agreement that would finish the work that president obama begain on the very first day in office. and that is to ensure that iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon. president obama worked intensively, and his administration worked intensively before i came in, when i was in the congress, and voted for sanctions. the president worked in order to put in place a significant sanctions regime. anunprecedented regime. and he worked with countries around the world in order to ensure broad participation and support for the sanctions. that has been essential to the success of these sanctions. and we believe that it is the sanctions that have brought us to this negotiation, and ultimately to the more significant negotiation to follow for a comprehensive agreement. make no mistakes, and i ask you, don't interpret that the sanctions were annd unto themselves. they weren't. the goal of the sanctions was always to have a negotiation. and that is precisely what is now taking place, and that negotiation's goal is to secure a strong and verifiable agreement that gua
. also ahead, on the road again. president obama leaves tonight for a three day fund-raising trip out west. his approval ratings have been plummeting, but he's on track to become the most prolific second term president in history. how? why? >>> plus, holiday weather. a killer storm is hitting the south before turning north just in time for thanksgiving. we'll be live with the forecast. and going for the green. eager entrepreneurs are poised to cash in on newly relaxed state marijuana laws and it's not who you probably think. but we start, though, with that breakthrough deal reached overnight with iran. here are just a few of the nuts and bolts. iran will be getting initial relief from sanctions, essentially bills of dollars in oil money that had been frozen. in exchange, iran agrees to halt what is called high grade urani uranium enrichment. they also cannot install additional centrifuges. those are devices used to enrich uranium. again, this is all a temporary deal. designed to provide a six month window to reach a more comprehensive agreement. i want to go live now to london where j
level international talks, president obama made a rare saturday night appearance to announce what just days ago seemed out of reach. a first step deal to stop iran's march toward a nuclear weapon. >> today, that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and that it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> for the latest on what many are calling a historic breakthrough in relations between iran and the international community, we turn now to nbc's ayman muhadin. i want to start with reaction from the region and how angry are you sensing the israelis are at this deal? >> well, the israeli leadership has not been hiding its feelings at all. in fact, the prime minister you heard in the introduction was saying the world is more dangerous today as a result of this deal. other israeli leaders, senior leaders, including in the defense establishments and elsewhere expressed a tremendous amount of skepticism and criticized the deal. some have gone so far as to say israel reserves the right to keep all optio
. valerie and david axlerod are obama's two key advisers, one a campaign manager, and the other manages everything else. barack obama, valerie, david all were born into the same communist left that i was, all trained in the communist left, all graduated to the new left which was formed by red diaper babies like myself with the same political agendas, and they've never left it, and how do i know that? because i'm someone who did leave. now, i will tell you, if you are part of a movement that you come to understand it is deceitful when you get out, you repudiate it and warn other people about it, and they, of course, haven't. this is a mentality, and you have to understand -- as i say, my parents call themselves progressives. leftists may be delusional, but they are not stupid. they understand that you don't telegraph your agendas because that turns people off. when i was young, stalin was alive, the slogan of the american communism party was -- it was not solve yet america dictatorship, take away the wealth, and distribute it to our friends. their slogan was peace, jobs, and democracy. t
to alies. the deal is only temporary >> reporter: president obama announced the historic agreement that would scale back iran's nuclear program >> it would help prevent us from building a nuclear weapon. they cut off the path >> iran wants to enrich for for nuclear power according to them. negotiations ran through the night. in the end, iran agreed to limit its stockpiles and scale back nuclear activity >> it's important that all of us see the opportunity to end the unnecessary crisis and offer new horizons >> reporter: in exchange, they will ease some of the crisis. this is only the first step >> the next phase, let me be clear, it will be more difficult and we need to be honest about it. >> all sides will try to reach a long-term deal. they called deal a historic mistake. >>> what incentive does the regime has to take serious steps that actually dismantle its nuclear weapons capabilities? why would it dismantle it? none of it is covered >> reporter: they say israel is not bound by the agreement. >>> clues in the city's 44th homicide just this year. shots rang out yesterday aftern
ability to exercise what little power it had left, to block president obama's judicial nominees. frustrated with the g.o.p.'s long list of obstructive judges and agency heads, the move by the democrats upended 225 years of senate history, and significantly alters the day-to-day operation of the upper chamber. we'll talk about it all on this edition of "inside story." but fist this background. >> the american people believe congress is broken. the american people believe the senate is broken. and i believe the american people are right. at the start of the session, harry reid made history, and called for a rule change that would allow an up or down vote or judicial nominations and executive decisions. >> the change would ensure nominations and up or down vote, on confirmation. yes, no. the rule change will make all nominations other than the supreme court a majority threshold vote. yes or no. the senate is a living thing. and to survive it must change as it has over the history of this great country. to the average american, adapting the rules to make the senate work again is jus
obama's nominees to the d.c. circuit court of appeals. the move short-circuits filibusters on most presidential nominees except for those from the u.s. supreme court. >> important and most dangerous >> the most important and most dangerous restructuring of rules since thomas jefferson wrote them. enough is enough. >> this is too important to keep falling prey day after day to washington politics. >> we are approaching a slippery slope that will destroy the vy unique aspect of this institutioion called the united states senate. >> i'm wonderg if senator mccain has a point. will the senate begin to resemble the house? >> it will. you will see a marked increase in partisanship. the filibuster was not used and the republicans have abused it and overused it aand trivialized it. and the grgreat civil rights fit of 1964, the difference betwtwen then and now was found in the vote. they were 29 vos to keep the filibuster going against this -- the civil rights act of 1964. 24 of those were cast by democrats. the parties were not polarized. they are now polarized. you have a s senate majoty.
negotiationes with iran. president obama of course does not share his feelings. we are told the two men spoke about this today for about a half an hour. the president ensured netanyahu that there will be throughout the negotiations. the terms are iran has to scale back nuclear material and allow inspectors and monitors. in return for some of the tough interaction inial sanctions that hurt iran's economy, well, they will go away. iran's president went on television today calling the deal a win for his negotiators. iranian people tell cnn that they see this as an opportunity to improve relations with the west. the iran nuclear deal is getting mixed reviews from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. live in washington, d.c., tory, washington, d.c. lawmakers are not shy about giving their opinion about this deal, are they? report not at all. so yes, this is a tough spot for the president to be in, but it is also one for members of congress and one of the key factors driving some of them is support for israel. take a listen to chuck schumer. he is playing around with the idea of trying to lobby mo
prepare to head home for the holidays and face angry constituents. is an obama care delay just a party of time. >>> a record set with j.p. morgan has the justice department crowing. who are the real winners in this $13 billion payout? >>> and as the country commemorates the 50th anniversary of the kennedy assassination we will examine new evidence of a castro connection. and welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm david asman in for paul gigot. the obama administration admitted it won't meet its own deadline to get obama care up and running. kathleen sebelius saying it is a work of constant improvement. how in the world will supporters of obama care defend the new laws as the deadline comes and goes and as those policy cancellations keep rolling in? particularly as they head home and mingle with a lot of unhappy constituents during the thanksgiving and christmas holidays something republican senator marco rubio says may be a game changer. >> it has to be refield. how long will it take for democrats to realize and cooperate? so far i think at the upper echelons of the democratic
that diplomacy opened up a new path for the world that is more secure. >>> president obama said the agreement was an important first step in keeping iran from making a nuclear weapon. >>> vatican secrets - secrets of st. peter left for centuries - to be unveiled. >>> hello, welcome to al jazeera america, i'm morgan radford in new york. >> an historic deal. there is now a deal in place on iran's nuclear program. it is designed to stop or scale back nuclear activities in exchanges for relief from economic sanctions. >> a result after a long night, described as intensive and complicated the p5+1 and iran struck an historic deal, the importance hinted at by the president's sudden and unusual for a saturday late-night address. >> today that diplomacy opened up a new pass. that iran's progress is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. it is a first step but achieves a first deal. for the first time in a decade we have halted the progress of the nuclear weapon. >> in timing the iranian prime minister spoke at the same time. >> i believe it is important that we all of us take the opportunity
because they thought it was a real huge political gaffe. president obama and his team, did they consider dropping vice president biden? well, read the book and see how far that discussion went. [laughter] what was behind the clint eastwood disaster at the republican national convention? [laughter] you have this older man on stage in prime time without a script. what can possibly go wrong? [laughter] well, what was going on in the background you have to read the book to find out. [laughter] you know, i asked john heilemann backstage, you know, how do you get people to talk? i mean, it's amazing as you -- i've read both books, and my wife who's in the front here has read the books as well -- can how do you get people to say these things? it's amazing to me. but amazing book. i hope, you know, you guys are here, obviously, you're going to want to read it or have read it. ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure, really a privilege to introduce mark halperin and john heilemann. [applause] >> jp, thank you for that gracious and kind introduction. you read it just like we wrote it, so we appreci
head this morning. phil is going walk with joel keller and president obama is going be coming to town. he has been able to collect at lot of cash. >>> he warms all of our heart, we are going to take the another look at bat kid. >> we have an interview greg that sells us a little bit about what is going on behind the cameras on this event that was seen all arnold the world. >> yes, handles this morning, we are hock--yes, and also this morning wear looking at rain for the holiday coming up. >>> yes, this a really important travel week for a lot of folks. here is a live look over san francisco, blue skies and the temperature in san francisco is 49-degrees. so the winds have really tied down. we have light winds out of east this morning--out of the east this morning. in the north bay, you could sigh frost and--see frost and yes a chance of rain it looks like for thursday. more about that coming in a little bit. back to you guys. >>> well thank you, elizabeth. now this morn,ing, there is a- -morning, there is a deal between iran and six world powers including the oks. over the past year th
a o comprehensive agreement that would finish the work that president obama began on the very first day in office. that is to ensure that iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon. president obama worked intensively and his administration worked intensively before i even came in when i was in the congress and voted for sanctions. the president worked to put in place a significant sanctions regime, an unprecedented regime. he worked with countries around the world in order to ensure broad participation and support for these sanctions. we believe it's the sanctions that have brought us to this negotiation and ultimately to the more significant negotiation to follow for a comprehensive agreement. make no mistakes, and i ask you, don't interpret that the sanctions were an end unto themselves. the goal was to always to have a negotiation. that is precisely what is now taking place and that negotiation's goal is to secure a strong and verifiable agreement that guarantees the peacefulness of iran's nuclear program. for more than four years the international community has been united in its wil
a nuclear weapon. this preliminary deal holds up for about six months. the obama administration is marking it as a big step but criticism is pouring in with many concerned that iran won't follow through. >> let me be clear. we do that with eyes wide open. we have no illusions you don't do this on the basis of somebody's statements to you. we are convinced that over the next few months we will be able to put to the test what iran's intensions are. >> the deal is a breakthrough after decades of gridlock. it was an exciting moment in switzerland when it was announced this morning. matthew chan joins me with more. what are the key points in the plan. why are so many so optimistic. >> reporter: i think it was the best option in the circumstan s circumstances. diplomates have made quite clear that they don't believe that would ever be possible. it is a deal that was fought with compromise. the issue hasn't been set out as a right for iran. the deal says that iran can continue it's uranium enrich arement for 5%. the enrichedure rainme ure raans to 20% will have to put things out as well. they ar
of the obama legacy. this is worse than the irs scandal, benghazi, worse than our president being might having been born in a foreign controversy. i don't think you should be able to talk on cell phones in public period. go to the bathroom, wherever. talk on the phone. i don't care about your phone conversation. stop talking in the elevator. stop talking in the subway. get off your stupid phone. >> by the way, i don't like people talking on the phone in the bathroom. i they is bizarre. there is somebody that does it on the 18th floor at fox and with the door shut. he is actually sitting and talking on the phone and certain noises that are happening. that's not right. >> i meant bathroom/kitchen of your apartment. >> i thought you innocent the office. >> they could put a telephone booth in the plane. >> that would be cool. >> like a little red one, with a glass door. >> seems like a lot of work, ricky. >> extra money. >> when other people do things that you do, that bothers you. that's what it is. >> because we recognize the fault in ourselves and opposed to saying that we are doing something w
's a legitimate story. let's be fair. barack obama has a sibling. hillary clinton has siblings that have disagreed with them on policy issues. that has never been on the front page of the "new york times." why this? because it's a conservative. why this? because it's the cheneys. and it's also because they absolutely want to stop liz from getting into the senate. nobody should be surprised by this. >> you're frowning. but how do you not mention it? whether it's front page news or not is a very legitimate point. how do you not mention it when mary cheney has been so vocal in criticizing her sister? >> there's two issues. one, sure, if mary's vocal and criticizing her sister it's a story. it could be a gossip story which i think is what rick is getting at. until you consider this is indicative of a larger issue going on in america on gay marriage, social issues, gay rights especially where you see families become conflicted. you're starting to see the republican party become conflicted. that's interesting as a larger story about where the gop is going in terms of the younger generation embracing mor
the first step in trying to stop an ianian nuclear bomb. president obama praised the development last night. >> today, that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure, a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and that it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> criticism that it's not enough, and we have team fox coverage. jennifer griffin in the bureau, but we begin with peter life at the white house. >> last night, we got a very rare, very late saturday night statement from president obama where he explained that his job as commander in chief is to try to resolve our differences with iran peacefully. he thinks this agreement is a way to do that, and here are the basics of the deal. iran has agreed to freeze its nuclear program for six months in exchange for about $7 billion in economic relief, mostly from eased sanctions. >> the united states and our friends and allies have agreed to provide iran with modest relief while continuing to apply our toughest sanctions. we will refrain from imposing new sanctions and we will allow the iranian gover
a moderate math. thatpath. ni'sck obama he said rouha election made this a possibility. >> today diplomacy opened up a new path towards a world that is more secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's program is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> but he also warned that sanctions would be tightened again if iran failed to meet the terms of the agreement. >> let's go live to our washington correspondent. thanks for being with us. does this deal signal a new era in relations between the u.s. and u.n iran? >> it could be the beginning. the white house even said this could be an historic agreement. it depends what is going to happen in the weeks and months to come. president obama wants diplomacy to succeed. obama has agreed to provide $7 billion dollar in sanctions rel. by executivee order. he can make the deal without asking congress. many of the hill a very skeptical when it comes to iran. the reaction to this deal been like in the u.s.? strong bipartisan opposition to the deal. a couple examples -- republican have member ed royce, i serious concerns that this agreeme
. verification is the key. and president obama and i have said since the beginning, we're not just going to verify or trust and verify, we're going to verify and verify and verify. we have to know to a certainty so that israel, gulf states, ourselves, nobody can be deceived by what is taking place. >> one of the points that the israelis and other who is have been unhappy about these negotiations have made is that there's a difference between halting a march toward nuclear capability and actually dismantling the methods you need to create nuclear bombs. what do you say this morning to the saudis, to the israelis who will say that they feel les safe, that israel is in fact threatened? >> israel is threatened by what has been going on in iran. but i believe that from this day for the next six months, israel is in fact safer than it was yesterday because we now have a mechanism by which we are going to expand the amount of time in which they can break out, rather than narrow it. we are going to have insights to their program that we didn't have before. we're going to have a destruction of th
. in exchange, the u.s. agreed to provide $7 billion in sanctions relief. last night, president obama hailed the agreement as a step toward a world that is more secure. >> these are substantial limitations which will help prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon. simply put, they cut off iran's most likely paths to a bomb. meanwhile, this first step will create time and space over six months for more negotiations to fully address the comprehensive concerns about the iranian program. because of this agreement, iran cannot use negotiations as cover to advance its program. >> secretary of state, john kerry who flew to geneva praised the deal, admitting it's just a first step. >> the next phase, let me be clear, will be even more difficult and we need to be honest about it. it will also be more consequential. while we obviously have profound differences with iran, yet to be resolved, the fact is that this agreement could not have been reached without the decision of the iranian government to come to the table and negotiate. >> for more on this agreement, let's go to nbcs bureau chief in genev
. they talked a while ago, cut some deals. mccain did some good work there, but they kept coming at obama, saying, you don't count as president. you can't pick your cabinet. we're going to vote against everything. leading the charge, of course, has been ted cruz. who votes against everything. if caroline kennedy's nomination had come to the floor, i would have pet on cruz to vote against that. total negativity, and now the democrats have taken the attack against it. >> that's the interesting thing about this. when we first started hearing rumblings of the nuclear option and the nominees to the circuit court being denied the up or down vote the democrats wanted, we said this is a scene in the play we have seen before. harry reid will make the threats, it will come down to the wire, and there will be a deal struck. they'll want to step forward to preserve this tradition in the senate. the amazing thing here to me is two things. one, republicans put president obama, harry reid, and the democratic party in a position where if they did anything other than what they did today, they would have l
. >>> the obama care disaster the number one issue plaguing the white house. >>> plus, fast forwarding, cassette tapes and using roadmaps to plan trips. sound familiar? part of the time-consuming problems from the 1980s that no longer exist. we've got all the breakdown and i dug through the dusty archives in the basement. "fox & friends" begins right now. >>> good morning. >> good morning. >> it's sunday morning, 6:00 a.m. in the east coast. >> hello, fellas. >> it got brutally cold? >> can i interrupt? >> no. no. >> when we were talking about the eight track tapes, cassettes, you looked at me and started laughing, why is that? >> because i still use them. >> oh. >> because you didn't jump ahead. i've always preferred eight tracks. >> the technology. the future. >> that's what your car still has it. >> it's stuck. i have one stuck in there. >> we have a fox news alert. the u.s. and other world powers striking historic deals with iran. what are the deals and does it go far enough. peter doocy is live at the white house. peter, what's going on? >> tucker, basically here's the deal. iran has agreed
. >> it is a historic deal, an agreement that president obama says will make the world safer. >> a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful. agreesr the plan, iran to roll back and freeze its nuclear program, eliminate stockpiles of near grade uranium. after 10 years, an agreement has been reached at this level. >> in exchange, the u.s. and its partners will lift sanctions. kerryary of state john says the deal is not about trust, but verification. >> you don't do this on the basis of somebody's statements to you. you do it on the basis of actions that can be verified. >> the ultimate goal, to permanently cap iran's nuclear program. >> this is hitting the pause button, not the delete program -- button. kerry says this means allies like israel are safer. we are concerned that this deal that came out of geneva is a bad deal and does not attain that goal. >> some members of congress are skeptical. >> we trusted the irradiance before, just like the north koreans, on nuclear issues -- iranians, just like the north koreans, on nuclear issues. they say the clock is running. in th
to distract attention from obama care. it is not just republicans. last week senator chuck schumer from new york signed a letter to secretary of state john kerry saying he didn't feel the terms of the agreement being discussed go far enough. pointed out that they don't even, quote, require iran to even meet the terms the prior u.n. security council resolutions. so how significant is the temporary agreement reached today in geneva? the very fact that an agreement has been reached after ten years of negotiations and more than three decades of authoritarian rule in iran, is that by itself significant enough? to discuss this wasn't to bring in now mark jacobson, senior advicer to the truman national security project, which trains leaders on national security issues. mark, i know you support this deal. i guess you're here to say this morning, yeah, the sanctions worked and we're getting something real because of it. >> well, we have a significant first step here at challenging iranian sincerity. you summarized it perfectly. not only is this going to be -- this has brought the iranians into the g
between the u.s. and iran since the 1979 iranian revolution. president obama hailed the agreement as the most significant and tangible progress of a diplomatic campaign. >> today that xloema diplomacy opened up a new path that we can verify iran's nuclear program is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> let's bring in white house correspondent mike viqueira. mike, six months, that's the extent of this deal. what are world leaders hoping will happen during that time? >> reporter: at the end of that time, they are hoping they can come to a larger deal that will prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. they have instittuted steps that they believe will present iran from turning the corner. they call it "a breakout" to take the uranium and plutonium and turning it into a nuclear weapon. under the provisions of this deal, they would halt enrichment of uranium above five %. they would dilute at a time uranium they have 20% and make that inoperable. there will be no additional 7 triv fuse. that a great deal of criticism. many people who are against this deal called it
presidente de los estados unidos barack obama afirma que irán no podrá fabricar una bomba atómica, 8 muertos deja la tormenta invernal, el mal tiempo amenaza el día de acción de gracias ,a pocas horas que se abran las urnas en honduras hay tensión ,marchas por el puertorriqueño recorrieron las calles de san juan, nueva york , chicago, orlando y nueva york ,vamos con toda la información . ♪. ♪. >>> este es su noticiero univisión fin de semana, con felix debedoux . ♪. >>> buenas noches, bienvenidos al noticiero univisión luego de una compleja negociación seis potencias mundiales llegaron en las últimas horas a un acuerdo sobre el programa nuclear de irán, por el cual se compromete a seguir inspección de sus instalacioens nucleares, a cambio se levantarían paulatinamente las sancieons economicas que pesan con el país, el presidente de los estados unidos barack obama señaló que es el camino para que irán no tenga posibilidad de fabricar una bomba atómica, hoy la diplomacia internacional levantó un nuevo camino y verificar que irán no continúa con el desarrollo de arm
♪ ♪ >> secretary thsecretary of stay has made a agreement with iran. president obama hailed the deal as a victory for diplomacy. >> today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. let's bring in white house corse upocorrespondent mike viqueira. so, mike, this is a six month deal. what are the leaders hoping to get out of this. >> to prevent iran from investigate developing a nuclea. and during the six months during the negotiations that are going to follow towards this goal. the permanent five members of the united nations plus germany have struck this deal with iran to sharply curtail their nuclear capability. in the meantime as they try to negotiate this deal. this is the compromise. what the deal will do is halt the iranian enrichment. they have pledged to halt their enrichment above a 5% threshold. above that you have weapons-grade your rai uranium t can be quickly converted into new colounuclear wemtion. weapons there will be no additional sentr sens cen
to an arrest in either case. >>> mixed reaction tonight, less than 24 hours after president obama announced a nuclear deal with iran. several members of congress and u.s. allies have praised the agreement that will limit iran's nuclear activities while easing trade sanctions. israel and other middle east countries were quick to criticize the deal. today president obama called israeli prime minister netanyahu to reaform the united states commitment to the country. brian mooar has reaction from capitol hill. >> reporter: after striking a breakthrough deal to disarm iran's nuclear weapons program, secretary of state john kerry sounded more cautious than optimistic. >> we're not sitting here pretending that iran is going to suddenly turn over a new leaf. we have to prove it. none of this is based on trust. it's not a question of trust. >> reporter: iran agrees to destroy highly enriched uranian that could be used for bombs but gets to keep its nuclear power facilities and gets a small measure of relief from the crippling krad sanctions that have hobled the economy. >> for first time in the deca
to $50 billion a year. the obama administration privately said no, we're talking about 6 to $10 billion in sanctions released that the west would be giving up. again, this is a six-month deal during which iran purportedly would only be allowed to enrich uranium to 3.5 percent during those six months, an end state for the iran nuclear program would be negotiated by the powers. >> i'm getting a statement from the white house. i want to bring in judith miller, fox news contributor by phone. >> hi, how are you? >> this is a big deal. if in fact some things hold true, it would look like there has been a deal that involves an initial six-month step which includes significant limits on iran's nuclear program and begins to address the most urgent concerns that the united states and others have had including iran's enrichment capabilities. this is coming directly from the white house. on first blush your reaction. >> i've watched these negotiations go back and forth. i've watched the iranian government profess its desire to be more pragmatic. we've seen an extraordinary set of concessions by the
step, it achieves a great deal. >> president obama hails a deal with iran. does that mean any nuclear fears about that country are over? it depends on whom you ask. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not a historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. >> if this step, first step, leads to what is our ultimate goal, which is a comprehensive agreement, that will make the world safer. >> so is the world more dangerous or safer? and what exactly is the deal? we have reports from switzerland, israel, washington, and london. >>> back in the states, a deadly storm. freezing rain, snow, and winds through the southwest, heading east in time for the holiday. details in a live report. >>> hello, everyone. welcome. it's high noon here in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." new reaction from john rkerry ad others reached a deal with iran over its nuclear program. it comes after tense negotiations in geneva, switzerland. >> when you're dealing with nuclear weapons, it's not an issue of trust. as the old saying goes, trust but verify. verification is the key
is more with president obama. side, the united states and our friends and allies have agreed to provide iran with modest relief while continuing to apply our toughest sanctions. we will refrain from imposing new sanctions and we will allow the iranian government access to a portion of the revenue that they have been denied through sanctions. but, the broader architecture of sanctions will remain in place and we will continue to enforce them vigorously. if iran does not fully meet its commitments during this six- month phase, we will turn off the relief and ratchet up the pressure. over the next six months, we will work to negotiate a conference of solution. we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding -- iran, like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy. but because of its record of violating its obligations, iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear program that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon. negotiations, nothing will be agreed to unless everything is agreed to. the burden is on the wrong to prove to the world that its nuclea
at least puts caps on every aspect of iran's program. president obama was pleased with the agreement. >> for the first time in nearly a decade we have halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program and key parts of the program will be rolled back. iran has committed to halting certain levels of enrichment and neutralizing parts of its stockpile. iran cannot use its next-generation centrifuges used for enriching uranium. >> construction of the plutonium producing reactor. critical is arena will allow -- critical is iran will allow inspectors into production facilities which will alleviate fears that iran is stocking hidden enrichment facilities and there will be inspections every single day at the two main facilities. iran can no longer enrich to 20% and cannot add new centrifuges nor increase its stockpile of lower grade uranium without converting to several material. the two sides see what the agreement says about that quite differently. >> the right to nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, including enrichment within the context of the m.p.t. is an inalienable rhode island
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